Peghole and Endpin Cello/Bass Bushings, Tapered

In stock
  • Violin/Viola Pegs, Taper 1/30, Lenght 120mm c.
  • Cello Pegs, Taper 1/25, Lenght 125mm c.
  • Cello/Bass Endpin, Taper 1/17, Lenght 153mm c.

made of Indian boxwood
Sku Product Name Qty
502490 Peghole Bushing, tapered, Boxwood Vn/Vla 9/13mm
502102 Peghole Bushing, tapered, Boxwood Cello 14/19mm
Out of stock
546089 Endpin Bushing tapered, Cello/DBass, Boxwood 21/30mm
Out of stock
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