Endpins Cello with Carbon Fiber Rod

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Righetti cello endpins with carbon rod

The continuous contact with musicians and the analysis of needs have allowed to develop this revolutionary endpin concept. The very light and resistant carbon rod make these endpins acoustically favorable. Particular attention was dedicated to the creation of the tip which, when resting on the ground, are subject to wear and tear from use. For this reason, a rod model has been developed that allows you to directly replace the tip that rests on the ground without having to resort to the luthier to sharpen and change the tip. The pins are produced with a particular tungsten steel which allows them to reach a hardness of 64 Rockwell, which guarantees adhesion to any ground and a longer sharpening life. The carbon rod is the most widespread and powerful, with a full and definite response, exceptional stability and the respect of all the harmonics of the instrument.
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501620 Endpin Cello with Carbon Fiber Rod Ø 27mm
501005 Endpin Cello with Carbon Fiber Rod Ø 25mm
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