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Abralon® is a unique multifunctional patented sanding material developed for the flexible sanding of both smooth surfaces

Abralon® creates a smooth sanding pattern on angled surfaces and edges, while minimizing the risk of marks. The flexible weave allows water and air to pass freely, making the product suitable for both dry and wet sanding by hand for:

  • fine sanding of the body surfaces before primer and top lacquer
  • smoothing of primers and bottom lacquers
  • preparation of surfaces between blending
  • sanding of pot marked surfaces
  • preparation of the top coat before polishing
  • sheets 115x140mm
Sku Product Name Qty
546230 Abralon Grip 115x140mm grit 600
505566 Abralon Grip 115x140mm grit 1000
502329 Abralon Grip 115x140mm grit 2000
503620 Abralon Grip 115x140mm grit 4000
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