Kovax Finish Repairing Papers

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Most advanced dry sanding system that combines aggressiveness and uniformity, used for removal of imperfection. Good for repairing the varnish and finishing.

The strong points are as follows:
  • Dusts of varied size can be eliminated faster and easier.
  • Extremely uniform and shallow scratch.
  • Can be used without a water, so you can repair a defect checking by sight.
  • One sheet is divided into eight small pieces. (Self-adhesive)

Size : 70 x 114 mm (divided into 8 parts)
Sku Product Name Qty
501045 Kovax Tolecut Finish papers 1500grit pink
501048 Kovax Tolecut Finish papers 2000grit green
501049 Kovax Tolecut Finish papers 2500grit blue
501052 Kovax Tolecut Finish papers 3000grit black
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