Body Clamps CAG for cello

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The new clamps to glue the sound box produced by CAG are the best clamps on the market, designed and manufactured with the best materials to ensure lightness and strength. Made of aluminum and carbon, they have a replaceable silicone coating that protects the instrument from marks and does not adhere with glue, preserving the varnish.

The 546303 set consists of:
  • 32 clamps for upper and lower bouts sku 546300
  • 8 clamps for C bouts sku 546301
  • 4 clamps for corners sku 546302

What to say? The best you can have in your workshop!
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546302 CAG Assembly Clamp Cello Corners/points
546300 CAG Assembly Clamp Cello upper/lower bout
546301 CAG Assembly Clamp Cello Inner Bout
546303 CAG Assembly Clamp Cello 44 pcs
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546826 CAG Assembly Clamp Cello Upper/Lower Block
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We offer a range of specially designed lining clamps for violins, violas, cellos, basses, and guitars. These clamps are made of aerospace-grade aluminum, ensuring excellent quality, durability, and utility, they provide reliable and precise clamping for your instrument-making needs.

At CAG, we understand the importance of innovation, which is why we have adopted a whole new design to meet the needs of violin makers as much as possible. During the development process, we identified many issues with existing assembly clamps on the market, such as scratching precious instruments, poor contact surfaces that prevent perfect bonding, materials that are not strong enough and lead to deformations, and heavy weight that makes them difficult to operate. With our new design, we have solved these long-standing problems. We have combined cutting-edge manufacturing technology with our innovative approach to create a product that is extremely easy to operate and demonstrates our attention to detail. Our new clamps are suitable for both violin makers and instrument restorers, and we are confident that they will meet and exceed your expectations.

We only choose high-quality materials to complete our products, including aerospace-grade aluminum and carbon fiber. Aluminum offers both strength and lightness, as it is approximately 50% lighter than steel while maintaining similar strength. And carbon fiber, with its high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight-to-strength ratio, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance, and low thermal expansion, is an excellent material that few others can compare with. The combination of these two high-performance materials makes our assembly clamps perfect for violin makers and instrument restorers. We also use an aluminum anodizing process to enhance durability and improve aesthetics, making our clamps not only functional but also visually appealing.

Our assembly clamps are paired with replaceable silicone rubber, which are perfectly adapted for both violin-making and restoration. We use only high-quality silicone material that has a longer lifespan and better elasticity than other silicone materials or plastics. These superior material properties enable the rubber to make perfect contact with the instrument plate without scratching it, providing excellent protection against damages. The shape of our silicone rubber is also well-studied. With our specially designed shape, they provide downward clamping pressure that is parallel with ribs, linings, or blocks, this ensures the gluing process is as perfect as possible while reducing pressure from the edges. In addition to these benefits, our silicone rubber is also easily replaceable, making maintenance and cleaning effortless and relatively inexpensive.

Our assembly clamps are designed with a simple and reliable system. The upper part of the clamp features a main adjusting knob, while the lower part is slidable and can be adjusted by unscrewing one or two 2.5mm Hex screws. The main adjusting screw on violin/viola version already has a large adjusting range, which can accommodate violins and normal size violas in the factory default configuration, with cello version, it can even accommodate full-size cellos. However, users can unscrew the 2.5mm Hex screw to move the lower part of the clamp to create an even larger or smaller clamping distance. This innovative design makes our assembly clamps more versatile and suitable for a wider range of applications, which can greatly improve your workflow.