Klemmsia Clamps

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The original from Germany:

KLEMMSIA Clamp - The unique and quick acting CAM LEVER CLAMP

  • For glueing and clamping on delicate surfaces.
  • Simplicity itself: Cam lever operated - no screwing
  • Sturdy and reliable: Made of tough hornbeam and galvanized steel bar
  • Secure grip: No slipping - even on round or thin edges
  • Proved to be effective: Manufactured in Germany since 75 years

Light, fast-acting clamps. The clamping pressure can be regulated via a cam lever. Cork pads protect the surface of the workpiece. One movable clamp arm. Zinc-plated steel bar with hornbeam jaws.
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Sku Product Name Qty
503168 Klemmsia Clamp 200/110
500661 Klemmsia Clamp 200/150
503169 Klemmsia Clamp 200/195
503170 KLEMMSIA clamp 400/110
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Jaw depth  Jaw opening Weight
110 mm 200 mm 440 g
400 mm 610 g
150 mm 200 mm 500 g
195 mm 200 mm 530 g
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