Harima Japanese glue

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Harima glue has been produced in Japan since 1930 and is a glue much appreciated by violin makers and restorers. It has strong adhesive power and is special for stringed instruments. It is very transparent and hardens quite quickly but for violin making with sufficient processing time. Bearing in mind that hot glues must be prepared with the minimum concentration necessary in order to avoid risks of traction or tension in the glued materials, Harima is also used rather liquid, but experimenting with different proportions according to the requirements is recommended.

  • Gelatin consistency (Bloomgrams) 290-340
  • Viscosity 9.0~14.0 mPa•s at 12.50% and 60°C
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547109 Harima 1S Japanese glue 100 g.
547160 Harima 1S Japanese glue 250 g.
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