Glue Pot, stainless steel

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Traditional Glue Pot for the preparation of animal glue in a water bath

This small stainless steel glue pot replica if you like the traditional look and feel. This small and nice glue pot is a replica of the classic Landers, Frary & Clark first made in 1870 and the decorative sunburst on the hinged lid is also reproduced. Where the original was cast iron, this is stainless steel for better rust resistance. To be able to process the glue it had to be warm. This is a double boiler, with water placed in the outer pot and heated, and the glue melted in the inner container. Therein the solidified glue was laid which melted then. The water also helps isolate the glue to retain heat when the glue pot is removed from the heat source. The removable inner jar holds up to 30ml of glue and the outer jar holds 75ml of water. It measures 75 mm in diameter and 60 mm in overall height. It can also be used with a small electric hot plate.