Glue Pot, stainless steel

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Part of the reason animal glue is useful for building musical instruments, furniture, and other wooden structures is because it can be softened to make repairs where parts need to be detached without damaging the structure. However, this property also makes it necessary to keep the glue warm while using it.

This beautiful double boiler glue pot has an internal part for the water which allows the heat to be distributed evenly and helps prevent the glue from burning, even if placed on a constant heat source. The water also helps isolate the glue to retain heat when the glue pot is removed from the heat source.

This glue pot is a replica of the classic Landers, Frary & Clark first made in 1870 and the decorative sunburst on the hinged lid is also reproduced. Where the original was cast iron, this is stainless steel for better rust resistance.

The removable inner jar holds up to 30ml of glue and the outer jar holds 75ml of water. It measures 75 mm in diameter and 60 mm in overall height.

Electric stove not included