Cremona Tools scrapers

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The scrapers Cremona Tools are a concrete response to an effective and reliable tool. Made with spring steel hardened to 54RC are easy to sharpen and wear-resistant. They come in different thicknesses to suit every need and size of 15x5cm rectangular to allow everyone to customize them to your liking.
Scrapers are essential for smoothing wood surfaces, removing marks left by planing and milling, cleaning glued joints and leveling uneven layers of paint. Properly sharpened with stones and sharpeners, they are able to remove the finest shavings often leaving a smoother and more precise surface finish than can be achieved with a plane. By varying the pressure, the angle and the curve of the scraper, excellent results can also be obtained against the vein. It is recommended to use a diamond stone or a fine flat file to level and square the edge, and a fine-grained water stone to finish the edge.

The measurements are 15 cm x 5 cm
Sku Product Name Qty
502778 Scraper CT Thickness 0.25mm
502781 Scraper CT Thickness 0.4mm
502784 Scraper CT Thickness 0.6mm
502780 Scraper CT Thickness 0.8mm
502783 Scraper CT Thickness 1.0mm
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