Tailpiece Hanger in Dyneema®

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The Dyneema® tailcord have an extraordinary resistance, comparable to that of steel cable, but with the advantage of resisting very well to efforts by twisting and bending. They have also been very successful in violinmaking because of the acoustic improvement they often promote, and in particular they are virtually elastic-free so that when closed with a firm knot, the tailgut does not stretch, unlike Kevlar-core.

Sizes Dyneema® Tailcord, uncoated
  • violin/viola length 190mm diameter 1.0/1.7mm
  • cello length 390mm diameter 1.5/1.7mm
  • double bass length 620mm diameter 2.5/2.8mm

N.B.: being soft materials, the measurements are to be considered approximate

Coated high quality Tailcords cod. 546248/546254 consist of an internal braid in 100% Dyneema® SK78 and a special external protective sheath, also in 100% Dyneema® SK78.
They offer unimaginable breaking strength. The core provides the high breaking load, but it is the union with the ultra-resistant sock that provides the most important characteristics: resistance to abrasion, toughness and rigidity.
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546248 High Quality Dyneema Tailcord Coated, Vno/Vla 1 pc.
546254 High Quality Dyneema Core tailcord Coated, Violin/Viola 5 pcs.
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502077 Dyneema tailcord violin/viola
503404 Dyneema tailcord violin/viola 50 pcs.
502076 Dyneema tailcord for cello
503405 Dyneema tailcord for cello 30 pcs.
501982 Dyneema tailcord for doublebass
503406 Dyneema tailcord for doublebass 20 pcs.
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The latest innovation in set-up is the tailcord made of a high-tech multifibre braided cord made of Dynema.

Very flexible, it increases the mobility of the tailpiece, close to the main source of resonance, the bridge. Nine times as strong as steel wire, it does not stretch after it has been fitted, and so maintains the luthier’s original set-up. Delivers an unequaled sound transmission. Compared to the traditional loops of nylon, steel or even gut, this tailcord is more efficient and does not diminish the natural resonance of the instrument.

Players will find:

  • Greater ease of playing, particularly in the upper registers of each string;
  • More immediate and powerful response under the bow.

This small accessory will be of real benefit to your instrument. We recommend having Tailcord professionally fitted.