STRADPET hollow titanium Endbuttons, for violin and viola

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This endpin is made of titanium has the characteristic of being hollow. This allows you to see the inside of the instrument also with the mounted instrument. Very useful when adjusting the soundpost to verify the orientation and how it match top and back. For violin and viola.

The hollow end-button could improve violin which has sound-tight, slow reaction, smaller volume of sound, blur or not clear sound or clarify sound. Use titanium end-button has excellent acoustic effect, with faster sound conducting, fuller vibration of belly and back, more sensitive sound, clean and clear, rich tone texture, loudness, make the violin sound quality has significantly improved.
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503060 Titanium Endbutton Hollow type Vno/Vla Gun Gray Ø 7,8mm
503061 Titanium Endbutton Hollow Type Vno/Vla Gun Gray Ø 8.3mm
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