Sturgeon bladder glue (Salianski-Isinglass)

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Natural sturgeon glue obtained from farmed sturgeon bladders.

Handcrafted with a small quality production. Traditionally it is produced to bond the various organic materials used in the manufacture of bows for arrows. In the construction of bows, animal tendons are one of the basic components, and glue, in addition to strength, obviously also requires great elasticity.
In violin making, sturgeon glue is used both in making and in restoration precisely for these qualities of strength and elasticity.
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Sku Product Name
546393 Sturgeon bladder glue (dry) 20 g
546394 Sturgeon bladder glue (foil form) 20 g
546395 Sturgeon bladder glue (stick form) 20 g
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Sturgeon glue or Isinglass is a special product made from sturgeon swim bladders. The proposed glue is the result of several years of work, experience and experimentation to obtain the best quality. The starting product (sturgeon swim bladders) are obtained from special ecological fish farms. The fish has already reached virility and therefore the breeding of subsequent generations is assured and safe. Wild populations living in nature are not affected in any way. The work in the preparation and processing of swim bladders in dried form or in different forms of particle glue is very specific and totally manual. The product is completely natural. No chemicals are used in the process! The current fields of application of this glue are limited due to the ever increasing difficulty in obtaining the starting materials. One of the most popular applications is the construction of bows with natural materials. With proper preparation of materials and bonding technique, this glue adheres flawlessly to wood, horn and sinew, alone and in combination. It can also be used in the manufacture of musical instruments, restoration of works of art and expensive antique furniture. It also has a very important application in the creation or restoration of icons or paints on wood to create primers and bases, and mainly for the ideal application of gold foils. The slow gelling of this glue is a great advantage in works where a longer processing time is required without compromising in any way its great adhesion properties, for example in the gluing of tendons in strings but also in the restoration of musical instruments. With this we are not underestimating the properties of other gelatin-based glues of animal origin, only that sturgeon glues are the option and the best choice for such jobs.

Traditional dry sturgeon bladder (546393): after the separation of the bladder from the fish follows the separation of a special pearl layer, which is actually raw jelly. It is dried with a special technology and stored in a dry place. It can last for years.

Pre-Processed Sturgeon Bladder Glue: Dry bladders are broken or chopped into particles and added to a certain amount of water for 24-48 hours. The gelatin is thus rehydrated. It is heated at a low temperature in a saucepan for several hours. The jelly melts to the consistency of honey. At this point the residual solid parts are filtered and eliminated. Usually more than 10% of the volume is lost. It can be used immediately, or frozen as it is, or reduced to thin sheets (546394) or cut into sticks (546395), and dried.

If you need to prepare glue with a concentration of 30%, for example, take 3 grams (glue in sheets or sticks), add 7 grams of water. After putting it in water for 4-5 hours for the pre-processed product and after 24-48 hours for the traditional one (cut into small pieces), heat to no more than 50 degrees. When all melted, the glue is ready for use (similar preparation to pearl animal glue or rabbit skin glue).