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Korolia bridges are increasingly receiving appreciations from luthiers all over the world for the quality of the wood used.

We are happy to offer you the opportunity to use them on your instruments in various sizes and qualities including the exclusive RS model and the RTU model produced exclusively for us, a ready to use model which only requires adapting the feet and little workmanship to be used on the violin.

The proposed models are visible in the pictures together with the logos and description of the qualities.
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503631 Korolia - violin 41,0mm - A Grandiose
503634 Korolia - violin 41,0mm - B Supreme
503632 Korolia - violin 41,5mm - A Grandiose
503649 Korolia - violin 41,5mm - A Grandiose RS
503635 Korolia - violin 41,5mm - B Supreme
503633 Korolia - violin 42,0mm - A Grandiose
503636 Korolia - violin 42,0mm - B Supreme
503645 Korolia - viola 48,0mm - A Grandiose
546992 Korolia - violin 41,5mm - A Grandiose RTU
546993 Korolia - violin 41,5mm - B Supreme RTU
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 Grandiose Quality: Strong medulary rays, very tight grain.


 Supreme Quality: Tight grain with medulary rays.


 Classic Quality: Medulary rays less evident, wider grain.


 Economy: Student grade bridges; wide grain, uneven medulary rays