Rimsa Mod 10

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Since 1964, with more than 500,000 units sold, the Mod. 10 has continued to provide technicians, designers, architects and planners with bright, clear and restful lighting. The Mod. 10 has in fact achieved considerable success as a working lamp. This lamp is elegant and functional and can be considered the distinctive and emblematic model of RIMSA, or rather the "historical" model, which has remained almost unchanged since 1964. The reflector is composed of an upper part in nylon loaded with glass fiber and a lower part in turned iron with finishing edge. The pantograph arm offers remarkable maneuverability and allows easy orientation of the product. The perfect calibration of the springs allows the precision of the movement without returns. Two knobs located on the sides of the arm allow you to adjust the clutches. The structure is made of drawn steel and is equipped with anti-unscrewing small parts. The product is baked epoxy painted.

  • S11 Clamp included
  • Metal structure
  • Pantograph
  • Anti-corrosion paint
  • Resistant cable
  • Can be used with LED or incandescent bulbs

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