Luban® No. 101 Bronze Small Block Plane

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This miniature plane is designed for modelmakers and violin makers, and is just plain adorable!

The original Stanley 101 was intended for children, but this small plane became so popular with many serious craftsmen that Stanley had to change their advertising. It is among the favorite plane for small scale precision workpieces where a larger plane would be difficult to use or would struggle to access at some points.
This low angle plane will be valuable when working end grain, and the required depth of cut is easily adjusted from deep cuts to translucent shavings. Produced by a single bronze casting, the body of the plane has an excellent flat sole. This 101 has some important differences to the original: cast in bronze, so it can't rust, with a full cap and a lower bedding angle than the original for improved comfort and versatility, and it also has a straightforward adjuster, absent on the original. 

The sole measures 82 mm in length of 32 mm in width and features a 22 mm flat blade made of carbon steel RC62-63.
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  • Material of body: cast bronze
  • Material of blade: T10 carbon steel
  • Hardness of blade: RC62-63
  • Material of lever cap: bronze
  • Degree of blade cutting edge: 25°
  • Degree of blade with sole: 20°
  • Total cutting angle: 45°
  • Weight: 470g
  • Size: 82 x 32 mm
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