Madder Root Powder 100gr

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Fresh product made by Fantuzzi, obtained from its own crops in Puglia, Italy. Rubia tinctorum very coloring and very finely chopped to extract the coloring in a short time. Maximum yield with little waste.
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Rubia is a genus of the madder family Rubiaceae, which contains about 60 species of perennial scrambling or climbing herbs and sub-shrubs native to the Old World, Africa, temperate Asia and America. The genus and its best known species are also known as Madder, Rubia tinctorum (Common Madder), Rubia peregrina (Wild Madder), and Rubia cordifolia (Indian Madder). The Common Madder can grow to 1. m in height. The evergreen leaves are 5-10cm long and 2-3cm wide, produced in whorls of 4-7 starlike around the central stem. It climbs with tiny hooks at the leaves and stems. The flowers are small (3-5mm across), with five pale yellow petals, in dense racemes, and appear from June to August, followed by small (4-6mm diameter) red to black berries. The roots can be over a metre long, up to 12mm thick and the source of a red dye known as rose madder.