Narex Eccentric Wheel Marking Gauge

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Made of brass and stainless steel, the Narex scribe has a balanced weight and is comfortable to use. The head of this marking gauge is specially made eccentrically so that the surface in contact with the wood is larger but at the same time it is more comfortable to hold. This is because it is as comfortable as a marking gauge with a 30 mm plate while it rests on the wood as a 50 mm diameter one. The steel marking wheel is hardened and flared so as to be able to set the required size without creating hindrances and also fits completely into the plate to avoid ruining when not in use. The stem is graduated both metric and imperial and is fixed with a beautiful knurled screw of large diameter that locks and unlocks effortlessly and also prevents the meter from rolling on the bench. Although this scribe is the latest on the market, Narex has benefited from the experience of the previous ones by producing a scribe that combines all the best features with a price that makes it realistic to have two or three in the laboratory so that they can remain fixed throughout the duration of a project.

  • total length: 193 mm
  • working depth: from 0 to 130 mm
  • diameter: 40 mm