OldWood - IGG (A+B) 2x125cc

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ITALIAN GOLDEN GROUND is a ground system (A + B) whose joint application provides a golden cinnamon colour that enhances the natural beauty of the wood, as well as long-lasting protection.
Italian Golden Ground A+B grounds enhance the natural beauty of the wood, protecting it indefinitely.
Italian Golden Ground A. Under exposure to ultraviolet radiation (natural or artificial), it transforms the clear surface of the wood into a uniform and transparent golden cinnamon colour.
An excellent finish is obtained that highlights the wood’s natural resinous structures.
Italian Golden Ground B. It should always be applied after component A of the system. It acts as colour printer and intensifies the resinous area, texture and natural light of the wood.
It stabilises the obtained ground colour by stopping the subsequent degradation of the wood to undesirable greyish colours (considering inside light conditions), which maintains the inherent aesthetic qualities of luminosity and texture of the wood indefinitely. These grounds can be applied using both oil varnishes and alcohol varnishes.
  • Dosage approx: 10 c.c. for violin / 35 c.c. for Cello / 75 c.c. for Double Bass