OldWood - Italian Varnish 125cc

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Italian varnish” is a classical oil varnish made with natural and traditional raw materials

Old recipes have been consulted in order to create this varnish which is a mixture of pre-treated colophony and Baltic amber with the oils, providing a transparent and light colour varnish. The right hardness and flexibility into has been maintained as well as other type of varnishes.

* Cremona, Classical Amber and Brescia Varnishes have similar composition. However, they do not include colophony resin. The different conditions during the fabrication process confer each varnish a characteristic colour.

* About technical properties, each varnish has a balanced formula, looking for the equilibrium between the components to guarantee good technical properties. All our varnishes have been tested to guarantee suitable properties. Compared with the other varnishes, Italian varnish has similar hardness development and flexibility. The colour is lighter and the drying time is shorter (but this property is highly variable depending on the external conditions and on the application method)


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