Birch Plywood for Wooden Form

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Birch is a hardwood, typical of northern Europe, from which a marine plywood with good stability and high mechanical strength is made. This plywood is industrially treated with special resins that make it ideal for uses in humid conditions for this much used in shipyards for boat construction.
Compared to traditional plywoods (which generally have only 3 layers) it is made from several thin sheets of wood arranged in a cross-fiber pattern and glued together with phenolic glue.

In violinmaking they have always been used in violin and viola making and we have 15mm thick panels with these dimensions:

Model for Violin 23 x 37cm
Model for Viola 25 x 45cm
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504935 Plywood for Violin mould 37x23cm
504936 Plywood for Viola mould 25x45cm
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