Poster Guarneri del Gesù violin "Alard" 1742

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In undisturbed condition, this violin gives an unparalleled insight into the working methods of 'del Gesù'. Its unpolished finish, lack of patina, pale ground and general condition mean it could almost be mistaken for a 19th-century or even a modern instrument. The bulky look of the head places it in the group of those carved by the maker himself. Includes measurements.

"Its remarkable architecture represents the summit of the experience and knowledge accumulated by generations of talented and passionate craftsmen. It is rough and abrupt, sometimes even heavy-handed,and yet is magnificently flowing and inspired; full of contrasts, it shows the great strength of its maker. This violin gives diverse and strange impressions of force and vigour, even brutality, yet also finesse and a respect for the traditions"

Frédéric Chaudière in the June 2002 issue of The Strad

Measurements 62cm x 42cm