Poster Stradivari Cello "Saveuse" 1726

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The 1726 ‘Saveuse’ is one of the smallest cellos ever to come out of Antonio Stradivari’s workshop. From the beautifully carved scroll to the smouldering, rich maroon colour of the varnish, the instrument displays the finest characteristics of the luthier’s late period. It remains in almost perfect condition and provides a fascinating insight into the mind of Stradivari the innovator. This poster will be an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn from the master.

'Regarding the archings the "Saveuse" is extremely full up to the edge. There is virtually no return curve in the central areas. The curvature arises full and round from the purfling line. Even at the front, the chest is very flat and square, the steep and rapid descent towards the edge is alleviated by very emphatically sculpted shells along the outer edges of the f-holes.'

John Dilworth in the May 2012 issue

Measurements 84cm x 68cm
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