Pumice Powder < 90 µ, very fine 100g

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  • Volcanic rock, < 90 µ, from USA
  • Colour: gray, pale
  • Chemical description: Natural silicate complex, mainly composed of silicium dioxide.
In the tradition of pad painting (pumicing) it was incorporated in small amounts to a pad soaked in shellac and served to seal the pores. The complete process included many days of work because you also had to wait for the alcohol in the shellac to evaporate but the finished work was highly valued.
In violinmaking it is used as a filler combined with varnish or oils but also as an abrasive.
As an abrasive it gives satisfactory results because the sanding allows it to follow the irregularities of the wood and varnish, thus leaving a natural final texture.


Pumice (Pdf)
Material Safety Data Sheet (Pdf)

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