Shinwa® Precision Rules Japanese

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Semi-rigid rulers with highly wear-resistance in hard chrome-plated stainless steel.
The edges are milled, the finish matte and the scale deeply engraved.
Rulers 130050 and 132500 also have half millimeter marks.

Ruler 150mm Width 15mm

Ruler 300mm Width 15mm

Ruler 300m with Pick-Up Width 25mm

Ruler 600mm with Pick-Up Width 30mm

Sku Product Name Qty
130050 Shinwa® Ruler 150mm, Red
131310 Shinwa® Ruler 150mm with Pick-Up, Blue
132500 Shinwa® Ruler 300mm
131340 Shinwa® Ruler 300mm with Pick-Up
131370 Shinwa® Ruler 600mm with Pick-Up
131400 Shinwa® Ruler 1000cm with Pick-Up
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