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THE GIROLAMO AMATI VIOLA in the Galleria Estense

THE GIROLAMO AMATI VIOLA in the Galleria Estense

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THE GIROLAMO AMATI VIOLA in the Galleria Estense

SKU: 500980


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THE GIROLAMO AMATI VIOLA in the Galleria Estense
THE GIROLAMO AMATI VIOLA in the Galleria Estense THE GIROLAMO AMATI VIOLA in the Galleria Estense THE GIROLAMO AMATI VIOLA in the Galleria Estense THE GIROLAMO AMATI VIOLA in the Galleria Estense

THE GIROLAMO AMATI VIOLA in the Galleria Estense

SKU: 500980


Out of stock

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A new series of monographs, each dedicated to an exceptional instrument, selected among those of outstanding importance in the history of classical Italian making. This first volume focuses on a superb viola by Girolamo Amati, one of the first contraltos of modern proportions and one of the most precious jewels preserved, in a virtually untouched condition, at the Galleria Estense in Modena.

"In 2001, violin experts Carlo Chiesa and John Dilworth travelled to Modena, Italy, to visit the Galleria Estense where a four-centuries-old contralto viola made by Girolamo Amati was on display. Although the instrument had been correctly identified, nobody had yet considered its extraordinary, almost untouched state.

Thirteen years on, and developments in scientific techniques for examining and exploring stringed instruments have enabled a new team of researchers to learn more about this exceptional viola. Images created through micro-CT scanning, image magnification and 3D imaging reveal the instrument’s inner world in more detail than ever before. On a purely aesthetic level, the images themselves […] allow us to view this and other rare historic instruments in ways that have not previously been possible."

Chloe Cutts – The Strad, October 2014


The Girolamo Amati Viola

with essays by Brigitte Brandmair, Carlo Chiesa, Davide Gasparotto, Alberto Giordano, Rudolf Hopfner, Peter Ratcliff and Andrea Zanrè

  • 56 pages in 45,7 by 28,5 cm format
  • 1:1 illustrations with further magnifications up to 500x
  • 1000 numbered copies, texts in English

Enclosed a CD with video 3D animations from the Micro-CT scanning, 3D photography, and an exclusive recording of the instrument’s sound.

John Dilworth´s vibrant review regarding the book:
"This is surely the most comprehensive technical account ever published about a historical stringed instrument. It is, as might have once been said, 'all singing, all dancing'. We have text, precise measurements, magnificent photography, dendrochronology, CT scanning and varnish examination – even a DVD with 3D imagery and crisp sound recordings. Every modern analytical tool […] has been brought to bear on this magnificent Amati viola, a subject well deserving the attention. All the mass of data is presented beautifully, with great clarity, sensitivity and appreciation of the subject.
Every page is filled with stunning visual imagery. To me, and I would hope to anybody interested in our profession, this book is as exciting and glamorous as a cross between Indiana Jones and CSI: an archeological quest through the strata of the instrument and a forensic investigation that is excitingly vivid. It is a revelation. […]

The contributors to the project are the leading authorities in their fields. […] Jan Röhrmann's photography is excellent throughout, and every word from these experts deserves our fullest attention.
The detail views of varnish, arching and modelling are superb, and of course the viola itself is one of the jewels of the classical Cremonese era of violin making: a rare, uncut, almost perfectly preserved Amati contralto.

It will take me a long while to absorb all the information here; I will be thumbing through the pages for some time. Owning this volume is probably as close as you will get to the sensation of handling the instrument itself, and for me it represents a high-water mark in publishing."
-  John Dilworth, The Strad Magazine, July 2015

Customers Reviews

Product Rating 5.00
average rating from 3 reviews
  • Beauty on quality, thanks! By Aurelien , Wednesday, 15 May 2019

    Nice book for a violin maker. A well closed package for a quick shipment. Many thanks Cremona tools.

  • Excellent By Michael, Sunday, 27 January 2019

    Comprehensive review of the instrument with 1:1 scale sections for mold and arching and accurate corner and f hole patterns

  • a truly magnificent viola honoured in an appropriate style By Rainer, Monday, 30 July 2018

    To get as many informations on an instrument built c. 400 years ago as you get in this volume is a treat! You feel that every author does her/his best to get close to her/his topic and in the end you just sit there, being thankful that this work was done... congratulations to the making of this beautiful book!! The next instrument (No.3) could be an Andrea Guarneri?? Maybe the tenor viola of the NMM museum in South Dakota?! Go for it!

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