Bass-bar/repair clamp

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Special clamps Cremona Tools to glue the bass-bar. Also useful for restoration. Despite their solid appearance that guarantees rigidity are very light. All clamps have double tilting plates to not create tensions or distortions during gluing. Made of aluminum.

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505339 Bass-bar/repair clamp N° 1
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505340 Bass-bar/repair clamp N° 2
505341 Bass-bar/repair clamp N° 3
505342 Bass-bar/repair clamp N° 4
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505339 jaw depth 100mm jaw opening 30mm weight 114g
505340 jaw depth 100mm jaw opening 50mm weight 128g
505341 jaw depth 130mm jaw opening 30mm weight 144g
505342 jaw depth 180mm jaw opening 35mm weight 245g
505343 jaw depth 200mm jaw opening 45mm weight 298g
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