Counterforms for bassbar, syntetic

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When fitting the bass-bar, often there is pressure on areas of the plate. Furthermore, the belly is very flexible and can be simpler deform the plate. Fixing the plate on this frame before installation, helps to balance the pressure distribution. Fixing the plate on a rigid counterform simulates the rigidity of the plate itself as if it were glued to the ribs. Thus fitting the bass-bar with the help of this frame, simulates the table glued to the ribs in the position where it will be when the instrument will be played. All this is more safe and secure. It is also very useful for the restoration of complicated cracks in general to keep the plate flat when free. Being made of synthetic material, these counterforms are not as rigid as the metal ones, but still have sufficient rigidity if the plate is not too deformed (if it is, we recommend that you bring it back to level before locking it to a counterform to prevent the belly from cracking).

6mm Thickness
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511199 Syntetic frame for violin, 6mm
511200 Syntetic frame for viola, 6mm
546322 Syntetic frame for cello 6mm