Borciani Bonazzi Sable Synthetic Gold Fine Brushes 87c and 203 Series

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Flat brushes with long fine gold synthetic fibre, short handle in earth-red lacquered wood and gold tip, with a nickel-plated brass ferrule. The fine gold fibre is extremely soft and elastic, created to achieve lightness and softness in the pictorial touch. Ideal for watercolour, acrylic, oil, decoration and restoration. The brush head with a flat tip allows soft and defined brushstrokes to create stroke-free applications, fine lines and light pictorial touches. When pressure is applied, the line takes on a rectangular form. The short handle is easy to handle, being used for small and precision jobs. These series are chosen instead of ox hair, offering the same characteristics of lightness and reduced elasticity. The medium-long fibre maintains its shape over time with suitable maintenance. The brushstroke is very soft, long and thin when used for cutting. The handle is comfortable and light.
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503688 B B Gold fine synthetic brush flat 10mm
503689 B B Gold fine synthetic brush flat 20mm
503690 B B Gold fine synthetic brush flat 30mm
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503691 B B Gold fine synthetic brush flat 40mm