Borciani Bonazzi Kolinsky synthetic brush "Il Perfetto"

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IL PERFETTO new brushes Serie with Kolinsky synthetic Sable with short handle in Payne’s grey color, birch wood and non-toxic ecological water painting, with a nickel-plated brass ferrule.
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546938 B B Kolinsky Synthetic Brush Flat 10mm, Il Perfetto
546707 B B Kolinsky Synthetic Brush Flat 20mm, Il Perfetto
546708 B B Kolinsky Synthetic Brush Flat 30mm, Il Perfetto
546709 B B Kolinsky Synthetic Brush Flat 40mm, Il Perfetto
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Series 625 is PERFECT for:
  • Large backgrounds
  • Coverage effects and backgrounds drafting
  • Decoration and varnishing

The new range of Borciani e Bonazzi IL PERFETTO brushes introduces the new technological synthetic fibre that has the same benefits of the Kolinsky Sable natural hair, but with an improved performance in terms of elasticity and resistence. A perfect mix of two-wave fibres with different diameters and conicity in order to guarantee: 
  • an accurate holding of the tip 
  • seamless absorbency 
  • return in shape 

IL PERFETTO means: Vegan, Cruelty Free, Synthetic Sable with natural hair performance

The new synthetic fibre of IL PERFETTO Series, that replies perfecly the refined Kolinsky Sable, features extreme elasticity and it’s perfect for multilpe techniques: starting from the fairly diluted ones, like oil glazes, acrylic and gouache, to the more diluted ones, such as watercolor, in particular the ones rich in pigment. In oil techniques, to dilute the color and clean the brush effectively it is preferable to use ecological and natural solvents.

The IL PERFETTO high absorbency replies the natural Sable one. It offers a slow and homogeneous release of water, and the “spring” improves the application performance of the brush giving a controlled and precise stroke.

The IL PERFETTO synthetic fibre is characterized by a good reservoir that creates a flexible and soft stroke. The precise tip allows to perform both very thin, continuous lines and wide backgrounds, always keeping the shape. The birch wood handle is ergonomic in order to give more comfort for precise works. The varnish provides a better non-slip effect. The angle cut handle is designed for scratching techniques called “sgraffito” and color removal.