Chinrest Screws Violin and Viola in Titanium Separate

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Titanium alloy is a special metal that is extremely stable, lighter, stronger, never rust, and it is used both in the field of aerospace craft and medical artificial bone due its not allergenic property.

All parts of Stradpet chinrest screws are made of titanium alloy. They were ergonomically designed to give more comfort to the musicians. No any plating, no any coating, so the skin will not be stimulate to metals allergy. They are really healthy products!

Violin Barrel length 27mm
Viola Barrel length 36mm

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501990 Chinrest Screw Violin Separate Titanium, Gun Gray
502002 Chinrest Screws Violin Separate Titanium, Bright
501991 Chinrest Screws Viola Separate Titanium, Gun Gray
502003 Chinrest Screw Viola Separate Titanium, Bright
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