MAG-ic Probe WiFi Thickness Caliper

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MAG-ic Probe WiFi Thickness Caliper

Luthiers craft fine wooden instruments and understand that the voice and tone of the final instrument will largely depend on carefully planned thicknesses of the tone wood. MAG-ic Probe has been a trusted electronic thickness caliper used by many Luthier's and other craftsmen since 2012. MAG-ic Probe allows you to measure thicknesses of materials in places where standard calipers cannot fit and also allows you to record your measurements to a computer picture of the instrument and even produce a color contour map. Used both on instruments under construction and for surveying ancient instruments.
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How Does it work?

MAG-ic Probe is a small electronic device that can measure the thickness of non-ferromagnetic materials by using a target magnet. The magnet is placed on one side of the material and the MAG-ic Probe on the other side. The magnet is attracted to the MAG-ic Probe so the measurement will be the thickness of the material at the probe location.

Ideally suited to measuring the thickness of the wooden plates that make up many musical instruments, the magnet can be placed inside the instrument body where standard calipers cannot reach. When the probe is moved along the outside of the instrument, the magnet will follow and will even jump over reasonably sized braces.

MAG-ic Probe is also extensively used in the plastics and composites forming industry.

There are a number of options for displaying or recording these measurements.

1) MAG-ic Probe Software
The free MAG-ic Probe Lite software will allow you to upload a picture of the instrument to your computer. Simply move and aim the mouse pointer at the location on the picture where you are measuring with the MAG-ic Probe, and the measurement will be recorded on the picture. You can map the entire surface of the instrument in this way and print or save the measured image for a permanent record.
Download the free software MAG-ic Probe Lite here:
MAG-ic Probe Lite Software for Windows V6.0
MAG-ic Probe Lite Software for MAC V6.0

The optional MAG-ic Probe PRO software goes further by allowing your measurements to be displayed as a color contour map of the instrument. This makes it easy to instantly see the contour of the plate for progressive shaping or comparative analysis.

2) Display measurements on any WiFi device.
If you do not want to record your measurements and just want to display the measurements as you are shaping or analyzing an instrument, MAG-ic Probe WiFi will now connect to any phone, tablet or computer that has WiFi capability and display the measurements without downloading any apps. Simply join the MAG-ic Probe WiFi, open the browser on your device and connect to see your measurements in real time.

3) MAG-ic Probe Display unit.
Don't carry a phone? Don't want to bother with WiFi connections?
Well then the optional New MAG-ic Probe Display unit may be just what you need. This is a small LCD display that will automatically connect to the MAG-ic Probe and display the measurements. It is simple to use and small enough to slip into your pocket. The MAG-ic Probe Display unit features WiFi and Bluetooth in one device so it will also work with the previous version, the MAG-ic Probe BLE.

The MAG-ic Probe WiFi comes with:
  • 2 magnets, a 1/2" (12.7mm) ball for guitars, Cello's, plates or any object where access is not restricted and a 1/4" (6.35mm) cylinder magnet which should fit into most f-holes of violins and mandolins.
  • The MAG-ic  Probe measuring 2.3" x 0.85" (60mm x 22mm).
  • a USB Cable for Attaching to your computer.
  • a Handy padded storage box.
  • Free Downloadable Software - MAG-ic Probe Lite Software allows you to upload a picture of the instrument or object you are measuring on your computer and record each measurement you make to that picture (See Software section for details).
  • Download the free software MAG-ic Probe Lite here:
    MAG-ic Probe Lite Software for Windows V6.0
    MAG-ic Probe Lite Software for MAC V6.0

The MAG-ic Probe PRO Software may be purchased which will allow you to transform your completed measurements into a full-color contour map to instantly visualize your thickness planes. (See Software section for details and videos.)


WARNING !! - This device uses extremely strong NEODYMIUM magnets. These magnets can cause injury or damage if misused. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!!. DO NOT OPEN or USE if you have a pacemaker or other medical condition that may be affected by magnetic fields. The strong magnetic fields can erase computer hard drives, magnetic access and credit cards, Use at your own RISK.
MAG-ic Tech or its owners neither assumes nor accepts any liability for damages resulting from the handling or use of this equipment. With your purchase, the buyer agrees that he/she is responsible for all damages and injuries caused by the use of this product , which include personal injuries , property damages and any other damage whatsoever. The buyer must agree with the terms before using the product.
Pay special attention when using this device to measure finished instruments. The probe tip is fabricated from Plastic and may scratch or leave marks on finished surfaces.
DO NOT DRAG THE PROBE TIP OVER FINISHED SURFACES!! To avoid scratches and marks, you should slightly lift the probe before moving it. A good method is to lift the tip and place a piece of soft cloth under before moving and removing the cloth at the new measuring location.
Some users prefer to use a rice paper or other thin protective paper. You can also calibrate MAG-ic probe with the rice paper inserted between the magnet and the probe. In this way the zero (0.00) value would include the paper thickness and all measurements must be performed with the paper included.
You can also use the OFFSET function in the MAG-ic Probe Software to compensate for a thicker protective cloth if required.