Ekamant Ekabluev abrasives

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Sheets 70x125mm Velgrip

  • weight paper B
  • resin with stearate
  • flexible
  • velcro

Suitable for sanding plasters, backgrounds and varnishes.

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502552 Ekabluev P220, 70x125mm
502560 Ekabluev P320, 70x125mm
502561 Ekabluev P500, 70x125mm
502664 Ekabluev P600, 70x125mm

EKABLUEV is the specific product offered by EKAMANT to smooth varnishes, primers, resin, filler and the latest generation of composite materials with portable sanders. This is the VELGRIP version of the lightweight paper resin-aluminum oxide with EKABLUE zinc stearate. It is obtained by applying to the abrasive support a canvas "brushed" so that the sheets, discs and obtained badges can be used on pads and tampons provided with Velcro fastening system. The overall quality of the product over which the abrasive in itself also depends greatly on the characteristics of the "brushed" canvas and its application on the support. During processing, the low cutting speed and the rotary movement of the disk cause the clogging by reducing the duration of the same, and making it difficult to obtain a good finish. Thanks to the special open coat the granules and efficacy of anti clogging EKABLUEV treatment has solved these problems thus being one of the best products in the specific sector.