Sandarac from Morocco 100gr

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The Sandarac, known with many names including Juniper, is derived from a shrub found on the shores of the basin of the Mediterranean sea, Juniperus comunis comes from the family Cupressacee. It is a resin similar to shellac, but much clearer, and is used as a final varnish for furniture lacquers, fixatives to prepare for pastel, tempera paint or as an additive for the preparation of paints and lacquers, sometimes pure, but more often mixed with other components.
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Added together with other resins to the shellac becomes a great product for the protection of furniture and musical instruments. The sandarac can also be used as a substitute for shellac as the need to have a finish that does not change the color of the lacquer, especially clear. It is very bright but tends to chalk over time. To avoid this should be added in the preparation of the Venetian turpentine (not turpentine) which gives greater flexibility to the surface and prevents chalking due to aging of the film. It is also soluble in ether, acetone and after the merger at about 130-140° Celcius, even in turpentine.