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The CALATI brand has a nearly 60-year-long tradition and represents a piece of Italian history in the production of analogue thickness gauges that has established itself internationally. The creator of this "Italian-world miracle" was Mr. Carlo Calati who on 21 October 1961, in a small workshop in Arzignano (Vicenza), designed and built the first CALATI thickness gauge which immediately met the favor of the professionals of the tannery: reliability, precision, rapid response and long life represented the characteristics of that "small gray instrument in aluminum, brass and steel". The history of the company, represented by the Calati family, has continued for two generations and has continued to produce measuring instruments, making them grow to become renowned all over the world.
CALATI instruments guarantee accurate precision, similar to the laboratory instrument.
The goal of the Vicenza-based company is to ensure a long-lasting tool, and for this reason the tool is made with devices that make it in fact impervious to agents and impact resistant.

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503788 Calati Calliper decimal 30x200 Pin Head spherical
503789 Calati Calliper decimal 30x300 Pin Head spherical
503793 Calati Calliper decimal 30x450 Pin Head spherical
503790 Calati Small Decimal Calliper 25mm
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Code Measuring range x jaw depth Description
503788 30x200mm With a depth of 20 cm and an aperture of 3 cm it is ideal for violins and violas. Ideal for those who wish to have less weight.
503789 30x300mm With a depth of 30 cm and an aperture of 3 cm it is ideal for violins, violas and cellos.
503793 30x450mm With a depth of 45 cm and an aperture of 3 cm it is ideal for cellos and doublebasses.
503790 range 25mm Small pocket thickness gauge to detect thicknesses on small pieces such as ribs or linings.
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