OldWood - Italian Golden Ground (A+B) 2x60cc

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ITALIAN GOLDEN GROUND 1700 is a balanced combination of organic and inorganic compounds that exert a controlled and superficial action on the self-oxidizing agents contained in the wood The ITALIAN GOLDEN GROUND is a ground, the joint application of which provides a golden cinnamon color that enhances the natural beauty of the wood and provides a long lasting protection. These grounds can be applied using both oil varnishes and alcohol varnishes.

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The application of one or two coats of Italian Golden Ground 1700 (PH=7) furnishes white woods like maple, spruce or poplar, with a remarkable interior light and a lovely color –golden cinnamon—which arises from the interior without modifying or saturating the structure, giving it a warm aspect and producing an effect similar to the exposure of the wood to sunlight over a long period. Under exposure to natural or artificial ultraviolet light, ITALIAN GOLDEN GROUND 1700 gives the plain surface of the wood a uniform and transparent golden cinnamon color. It ensures an excellent finish, with refraction properties that highlight the resinous structures (winter rings in spruce, and marbling and flames in maple). The inorganic compounds in ITALIAN GOLDEN GROUND 1700 harden the fiber in the amorphous zones in the wood, strengthening the growth rings without changing their structure, and thus boosting the acoustic properties of maple and spruce. Visible results obtained in 2 hours.

    1. Italian Golden Ground A+B grounds enhance the natural beauty of the wood, protecting it for life.
    2. Italian Golden Ground A. Under exposure to natural or artificial ultraviolet radiation, it gives the plain surface of the wood a uniform and transparent golden cinnamon color. An excellent finish is obtained that highlights the wood’s natural resinous structures.
    3. Italian Golden Ground B. It should always be applied after the system’s A component. It acts as color printer and intensifies the resinous area, texture and natural light of the wood. It establishes the obtained ground color by stopping the subsequent degradation of the wood to undesirable greyish colors (with inside light), which maintains the inherent aesthetic and luminous qualities and texture of the wood for life.
  • Amount: 2 x 60 cc ( 2 x 2 oz ) Efficiency: 5-6 violins / 4-5 violas / 2 cellos
  • Amount: 2 x 125 cc ( 2 x 4.25 oz ) Efficiency: 10-12 violins / 10-11 violas / 3-4 cellos.
  • Dosage approx: 10 c.c. for violin/viola / 35 c.c. for Cello / 75 c.c. for Double Bass

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