UVA LED Strips 24V 365-375nm, 2x1m

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Two one meter strips with UVA LEDs, the current replacement for UV tubes which will soon be discontinued.

UVA LED Strips
  • Voltage: DC24V
  • Power: 15W/M
  • LED Quantity: 120 LEDs/M
  • PCB width: 10mm
  • Wave length: 365-375nm
  • Length: 2 pieces of 1m each
  • Waterproof: IP20 Non-waterproof
  • Blue heat-conducting adhesive back tape
  • Bare Wire on both ends
  • Efficiency: 2000 hours

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UV-C lamps: pay attention to their correct use
Short wavelength UV light is dangerous for humans. In addition to sunburn, this light can produce inflammation of the cornea and retina of the eye. Without forgetting that ultraviolet radiation, in all its UV-A, UV-B and UV-C components, is classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Group 1 of agents that are certainly carcinogenic to humans. For this reason, the use of UV rays in working environments should always respect some essential conditions:

  • use in the absence of people and in ventilated environments with air recirculation
  • use of adequate skin and eye protection
  • do not look directly into the UV light
  • Do not stay or work in the environment where UV light is operating
  • use safety microswitches that turn off the lights when doors or hatches are accidentally opened

  • Electrical systems are always potentially dangerous and if poorly constructed can cause electric shocks, even fatal ones, or fires. We also recommend that you have the system installed by a certified electrician for your UV cabinet.
  • UV lights are very harmful to the eyes, we recommend that you install a microswitch on the aperture to avoid accidentally looking at the UV light.