PEGAS Swiss Blades for Metal and Hard Materials

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The famous Pegas blades are made in Switzerland using the best carbon steel. To ensure strength and excellent flexibility, they are hardened after machining the teeth. Cremona Tools offers you a wide range for all types of processing. Choose the one that best suits the type of work to be done in the catalog below and in the images.

Each package contains 12 blades of 130 mm length

All blades are without pin at the vertices
Sku Product Name Qty
546037 Pegas Blade Regular Progress. Fine 2/0 Ferrous/Non-Ferrous
503901 Pegas Blades Metal/Hard Material 2/0
546034 Pegas Blades Metal Hard and Material 3/0
502387 Pegas Blades Metal/Hard Material 3
502388 Pegas Blades Metal/Hard Material 5
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