PEGAS Swiss Blades for Wood

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The famous Pegas blades are produced in Switzerland using the best carbon steel. To ensure robustness and excellent flexibility they are hardened after machining of the teeth.

Cremona Tools offers a wide range for all types of machining.

Choose the one that best suits the type of work to be done on the catalog below and in the images.

Each package contains 12 blades

Lenght 130 mm

Blades catalogue 1

Sku Product Name Qty
502384 Pegas Blades MGT-Modified Geometry 5SPR
502380 Pegas Blades Skip Reverse soft wood and plywood 3R
502371 Pegas Blades Skip 2/0
502379 Pegas Blades Skip Progressive Medium 5
502372 Pegas Blades Super-Skip 1
502377 Pegas Blades Super Hook 130 14
502382 Pegas Blades MGT-Modified Geometry 1SPR
502378 Pegas Blades Skip Progressive Fine 2
502381 Pegas Blades Skip Reverse soft wood and plywood 5R
546035 Pegas Blades Spiral, teeth on 360° - 2/0
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