The Art of Violin Retouching - 2nd Edition

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The Art of Retouching Layers, Retouching and Antiquing by Brian Epp.

In this Revised Edition, Brian Epp has introduced a new section on Antiquing! This is still the first and only book of its kind to clearly & informatively lay out the intriguing process of violin retouching. This book has been sold all over the world and he is honored, at the following it has created. From Cremona, Italy to China, in Europe and the USA. It is a beautifully illustrated instructional manual filled with crisp philosophy and heartwarming reminiscences throughout its pages. This is truly a gem for the lay person or for the professional crafts-person looking for a different perspective to an old tradition.

Note: This a professional book. Beginners are advised not to practice on valuable instruments. Care should be taken to avoid unnecessarily removing original varnish, wood, patina or texture. Wear marks on antique instruments should be evaluated for their potential to add value to the instrument before removing.
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