Violin Fingerboards

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NOTICE: Since the color of African Ebony is no longer as uniform as it used to be and not everyone accepts fingerboards with some light grain, we have inserted pictures of what the fingerboards you will receive might look like. Any light streaks present can be reduced or hidden with the oil finish or with coloring with the 843101 and/or the finish 500405. The clear veins and/or the greater porosity are increasingly evident aspects in recent years and which are destined to worsen up to the complete CITES protection which will presumably become restrictive in the short term. Although our fingerboards are selected African ebony, machined, finished and inspected in Europe, the aesthetic quality of the available African ebony has been declining in recent years. Porosity and compactness are often good but the appearance is no longer completely black, and this is often not accepted by customers. Our fingerboards are not colored and are not varnished in order not to hide defects. Before purchasing, please consider the above. The dimensions are suitable for both new and restoration instruments.
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509002 Fingerboard Violin African Ebony 1st Master
503850 Fingerboard Violin African Ebony 1st Quality
509003 Fingerboard Violin African Ebony 2nd Quality
501673 Fingerboard Violin African Ebony 3rd Quality
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