Bridge/Fingerboard Weisshaar Patterns, Set 7 pcs

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Precision patterns for shaping bridges and fingerboards. The tapered spurs at the base of the bridge patterns are for gauging the height of the strings. The circle arcs in the lower part of the bridge templates, are the arc on the strings, to be measured in groups of 3 strings. For violin, viola and cello, it contains a 7 piece set, sized according to Hans Weisshaar. The templates are obtained from a single sheet to which they are connected by thin peduncles that must be filed once detached. Acrylic, thickness 1.6mm.

The Hans Weisshaar set includes:
  • Violin bridge
  • Viola bridge
  • Cello bridge
  • Violin fingerboard
  • Viola fingerboard
  • Cello fingerboard standard model
  • Cello fingerboard Weisshaar model
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