Dual Fret Scale Templates

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Double templates to mark the frets on the guitar fingerboard

Practical models for sawing guitar frets that can be used with a circular saw or with a simple hand saw. Made of plexiglass and precisely cut with laser machines with numerical control, make the work quicker, easier and accurate. Each key is numbered and marked with an incision and with a groove in which a pin adapter is inserted, pin with a diameter of 2 mm. As a pin, not supplied, you can use a normal drill bit, a nail or a 2 mm rod.The pin is fastened on the guide of the saw at the line of cut, leaving about 3 mm protrude out of the guide. Gluing the fingerboard to the jig with a simple double-sided tape, the cuts for the keys are cut according to the distances of the fixed scale of reference by inserting a pin in the appropriate grooves each time. Each template includes two different scales calculated up to the twenty-fourth fret.

  • thickness 4 mm
  • measurements 60 x 7.5 cm

There are four standard scaling among the most common:

  • Classical standard 650mm + Flamenco 660mm
  • Martin 25.4"/645,2mm + Fender 25.5"/647,7mm

Made in Italy
Designed by Valerio Licari Guitar Maker
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505878 Dual Fret Scale Templates, Classical 650mm+Flamenco 660mm
505880 Dual Fret Scale Templates, Martin 645,2mm+Fender647,7mm
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