Italian Golden Ground Brown A+B

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A water-based primer designed for wood. It consists of two products that work together to colour the wood fibres and protect them from damage. It is specifically developed to colour the natural wood of classical musical instruments when a dark background is desired before varnishing.  

Italian Golden Ground Brown A+B is a perfect base for oil or alcohol varnishing and can also be used with other types of synthetic varnishes. 

Before use, it is recommended to test on pieces or parts of wood like those of the instrument to be treated to predict the colour tone that can be achieved in each case. 
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547158 OldWood - IGG Brown (A+B) 2x60cc
547157 OldWood - IGG Brown(A+B) 2x125cc
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Safety Data Sheet and Classification

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use.

Classification and Security

Application Guidelines

These are short, general indications. For more detailed instructions, please download the Technical Data Sheet available for this product.

The two components, A and B, can be applied using a sponge, ensuring even application for uniform product penetration across the surface. In the case of spruce wood, penetration is faster, so it is advisable to squeeze out the sponge well before applying it to the wood to avoid uneven penetration of the product.

Component A is used first and should be allowed to dry under UV light for 1-2 hours. Once removed from UV light, it should be allowed to air dry for an additional 2 hours before applying the following product.

Once this first coat has dried, component B is applied similarly.

This product provides protective components that prevent subsequent degradation of the wood colour and unifies the colour hues of the front and back parts of the instrument. Allow it to air dry for 3-4 hours.

Once dry, it is recommended to rub the wood with a clean cloth to remove any raised grain caused by the water-based products.


IGG Brown A
Under Regulation No. 1272/2008 (CLP), the product is not classified as dangerous.

IGG Brown B
Under Regulation No. 1272/2008 (CLP), the product is classified as Eye Irrit.2: Eye irritation, Cat.2, H319

Non-flammable products. They are not classified as dangerous for the environment. Keep the products away from drain surfaces and groundwater.


Keep the container tightly closed and in a cool environment, and do not expose it to direct light. Avoid heat sources, radiation, static electricity, and contact with food. Under these conditions, the product is stable for over two years.