JOHA® Water stain 428 Old Golden Brown, 250ml

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Water stain liquid 428, old golden brown - 250ml

428 is a ready-to-use water-based ground made with natural dyes. It gives a golden brown color similar to old wood.
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Dyes and insulators
If the white instrument is to have a nice base color, it must be dyed before varnishing. However, because the hardness of wood can vary, it can absorb dye unevenly. It is therefore recommended that the wood of the instrument is pre-treated to ensure that the color is attractively uniform.

Instructions for pre-treatment of wood
Dissolve some gelatin (normally 3%) in warm water until the solution is clear and thin. Apply the warm solution evenly with a bristle brush, allow to dry completely and, if necessary, smooth very carefully with a fine paper. The various stains can then be applied.

Instructions for Use
To be applied with a brush and/or sponge. Apply at least two coats in different ways to compensate for any blotches or irregular absorption of the wood. Leave to dry completely in the dark and then put a few hours in a UV box or in the sun to make the color change. It can be diluted with distilled water.