Titebond® Genuine Hide Glue 237ml

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Titebond® Hide Glue 8 oz. (237ml.)

Liquid hide glue for high strength, hard bonds. No creep, excellent sandability and can be overpainted. Its sensitivity to moisture allows for easy disassembly of parts, making this glue particularly well suited for restorations and musical instrument making. Long setting time, assembly time after glue application approximately 10 minutes. The dried glue joint is transparent. Technical Notes: Glutine glue with additives. Not for exterior use or use on objects which come in contact with food. Application and storage temperature 10-30°C. Clamping time 30-60 minutes. Attains maximum hardness after 24 hours. Can be thinned with water. Storage life 12 months. The first choice when bond strength counts: Titebond® glues For extremely solid glue joints in woodworking applications, restoration and musical instrument making. For more than 65 years, Titebond has been the market leader in bonding wood and wood products in the United States.
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