OldWood - Siccative 30cc

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OW Siccative is a balanced formulation of siccatives for luthiers who either make their own varnishes or use varnishes without siccatives. It is designed to be added to linseed and walnut oils, traditional components of string instrument varnishes. OW Siccative provides even drying "from the bottom to the top" regardless of the thickness of the applied varnish film. This helps to develop and enhance the tenacity and suppleness of the film, avoiding tensions and optimising the drying time to the utmost. It is easy and fast to add OW Siccative to the varnish. OW Siccative is formulated with NON TOXIC metallic components and is an ODOURLESS solvent medium with a high flash point.

It does not contain lead, cobalt or aromatic carbohydrates.

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